Scars On The Face Of The Earth

As Do They Fall

Compositor: As Do They Fall

Wrought in fire and steel
Making us proud of ourself genocide
Our past bathed in blood
Still walking by our side
Wealth ruling the law
A fancy friend, watching for us all
Where is your tamed revolt?
Where is the peace and love that you saw?
All my hopes are burning
My veins are almost bursting
And I just want to scream out!
The love has turned into phobia
We're living in a fucking dystopia!yeah!
The rapture of an era!
Let's see the start of the end
The rapture of an era!
We are scars in the face of the earth
Our freedom is a bad joke of sin
Our life is doomed by avarice
We're gonna watch our own disgracein a fucking parade on the boulevard
That bright screen tells you how to live
Crowd control, this is a democracyi tell you, little miss
To ends what others didn't, another war begins
And now you take your last breath
Feels the sweet kiss of death
Our homes have all been burned
Our brothers have all perished
The rapture of an era…the rapture of an era!

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